FGL Scalability

The FGL Platform provides an integrated solution capable of scaling from small web sites and web applications to large multi-server load-balanced solutions powering millions of transactions.

Scalability: the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.

Install the FGL Platform on your local development machine for real-time interactive development, on a single server to power your advanced web application or websites, as a highly scalable private cloud solution on your own server hardware, or on a remote cloud provider, standard, CJIS, or HIPPA compliant.

CONFIGURATION #1 - SIMPLE: One box, one FGL Platform installation. Web Server. Database. Dynamic Content Generator. Everything you need to power dynamic web applications. No other software required.
CONFIGURATION #2 - ADVANCED: Fully scalable public or private cloud solution. N-number of app servers, n-number of database server, all running single executable FGL Platform software.


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